How to Generate Broadsheet
  • Expand the Reports Folder, under the School Menu
    Then click "Result Broadsheet"
    Provide the following on the Result Broadsheet Parameters form
    (i) The programme (this refers to you intend to generate the broadsheet for, the lookup button can be used to select a desired programme)
    (ii) Session: (this refers to the registration session for which the broadsheet should be produced)

    (iii) Session of Entry: (Session in which the students got admitted)
    (iv) Year (this refers to the level of the students, the year can be 1, 2 etc)
    (v) Semester

    (vi) Broadsheet Mode
    There are seven broadsheet modes namely:
    a) Generate
    This is the mode discussed above. In generate mode, the system will collate the scores and generate the broadsheet directly from the scores entered.

    b) Generate And Save
    In this mode the system generates the broadsheet as above, and saves it on the system so that the broadsheet does not have to be generated again. The next time it needs to be viewed, the system can simply display the broadsheet without having to run any calculations.

    c) Submit For Approval
    When a broadsheet has been generated and saved, it can then be submitted for approval. It is only when it the broadsheet is submitted for approval that it can be approved.

    Also, once a broadsheet is submitted for approval, it cannot be modified, until approval is either given or denied. This ensures that the version being approved is the version that was presented to BCOS for approval. Only authorised users can submit broadsheets for approval.

    Once a broadsheet is approved, its data cannot be altered or deleted. Amendments can however be made and approved.

    d) View
    This mode displays previously generated and saved broadsheets

    e) View Approved
    This mode displays previously generated and saved broadsheets which have been approved

    f) Approve
    This mode approves the broadsheet. Only authorised users can approve broadsheets. The approval step is critical in securing the integrity of approved broadsheets. Once a broadsheet is approved, it cannot be changed, or deleted. Only approved broadsheets serve as valid results in the system. Therefore, it is important that results are approved by authorised personnel promptly, at BCOS meetings, to ensure the results go into effect promptly.

    g) Reject
    This mode reverses the submission for approval

    (vii) Meeting Date

    (viii) Summary Only

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