How to Set Programme Graduation Requirements
  • Click Programmes under Setup Folder under School Menu
  • Select the programme by clicking on it (the programme line should be highlighted in blue)
    Click "Graduation Requirements" (this will open the "Programme Graduation Requirements form")
  • Click the Add Button (Green + on the top left) to add a new line and provide the following details
    (i) Entry Level (this refers to the entry year for the particular students for example students who came in through UTME in year one will have entry level as "1" while students who come in through direct entry will have "2" or "3"depending on the level of entry)
    (ii) Effective Session: (this refers to the Session where the applied rules takes effect, so for instance if the number of units required to graduate increases in a particular session, that session where that rule commences becomes the effective session)
    (iii) Minimum Units passed: (units required for graduation)

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